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I can clearly see from being on the food elimination diet that food allergies can cause minor to severe health problems in individuals.  I can now confidently recommend the Elisa blood test to any of my patients because I have seen the difference in my own life.  There are clear health benefits to following this program.

James B. Loncar, D.C.

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Joint Pains

I have been suffering from joint pains, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease for the last 7 or 8 years. I am happy to write this report after having abstained for about three months from the foods that I tested positive to in the Immuno 1 Bloodprint report done at the Immuno Laboratories. 

I have been having pain and tenderness in the small joints of both hands, mostly the terminal inter-phalangeal ones but also the middle inter-phalangeal joints. The joints of the feet, shoulders, ankles and lower back would also hurt for a few days and then clear up by themselves, without any medication.

Now the joint pains are much better. I feel that avoiding the foods that I am allergic to has been the best possible treatment for me. I would recommend that all patients with my kind of symptoms should have their food allergies tested and avoid the foods that they are allergic to as well as go on a rotating diet.

- M.A. Ilahi M.D.

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Many symptoms eliminated

"I had been experiencing a variety of symptoms inconsistent with the more common disgnoses and after completing the Initial Symptom Checklist provided by immuno Laboratories I was surprised to see the results.  Even more surprising was the result of my Immuno 1 Bloodprint. Several foods I consider favorites were listed on the sensitive list.  Following the provided 4 day rotation diet over a four week period was very encouraging.  Many symptoms were eliminated or minimized, clearly indicating a direct relationship.  Without reservation, I recommend the Immuno 1 Bloodprint as a practical tool in dealing with the evasive diagnosis for multiple system symptoms."   Dr. Douglas J. Smithson, DC, PhD

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Lose Weight

" As an athlete and a health care provider, I’ve always paid attention to my body.  Last May when I heard about the Immuno Labs Food Sensitivity Test I wanted to know more.  I was surprised by my results.  I had 33 sensitivities, including the highest level reaction to wheat.  Concerned about what it may be doing to my body I immediately started the 90 day elimination process removing those reactive foods from my diet.  Within 2 weeks I started to see impressive results.  I lost 7 pounds by the end of the 3rd week.  After 90 days I lost 16 pounds and I have a lot more energy! People say I look leaner and stronger.  The immediate benefits are wonderful but I am thankful I learned about the test now.  These simple changes in my current lifestyle will impact me for years to come.  Lowering my risk for diseases that hit later in life, like Type 2 Diabetes.  I will live a longer, more productive happier life.  I now recommend this test to my patients and the response has been overwhelming.  I’m glad I have this test in my "toolbox" of treatment and witness the positive move toward health."  Dr. Jimmy Johnson, DC

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Joint Pain, Sinus, Congestion

" I have been in preventative care for 33 years.  Personally I have had a lifetime of suffering from various symptoms which for many years were not attributed to the real cause which was food intolerance.  By trial and error I was able to identify a number of foods that caused immediate symptoms.  I still suffered from some “mysterious” symptoms although I practiced good healthy eating habits, continued to persist.  When I heard about Immuno Laboratory food toxicity testing I was anxious to test myself.  I took the Immuno Bloodprint IgG ELISA food sensitivity test. My results pinpointed 13  offending foods.  I changed my diet to eliminate those foods.  within 2 weeks I noticed a decrease in symptoms I have been living with for more than 50 years such as breathing became easier, my nasal passages are free, i notice improvement in my arthritic wrist.  I am thrilled to finally have an answer to my health problems.  I look forward to the years ahead because I know now which foods to avoid. I recommend Immuno Laboratories to my patients and anyone who suffers from sub-optimum health which seems to have no cause.”  Robin C. Hood, DC 

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Low Energy

" I work at the front desk of a Naturpathic Dr’s office.  I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable about eating well and taking good care of myself.  Even so, my body felt sluggish and crash and be useless the rest of the day.  I am around sick patients daily and I make it a practice to wash my hands and take vitamins high in antioxidants - I make it a point to do all the preventative practices.  My employer, Dr. Susan Kreitzberg had impressive results with her Immuno Labs test and I suggested that I take the Immuno 1 Bloodprint.  I agreed and was very anxious to see my reults.  Overall I was surprised to find what I was reactive to.  I thought I knew what the test would say.  Since taking the test and eliminating the foods I have benefited greatly.  IMy energy levels have gone up significantly.  It lasts throughout the entire day and I no longer crash when I get home. I look forward to the continued benefits to come."   Dana Boyd, secretary to Dr. Susan Kreitzberg

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" I am a family nurse practitioner in a rural Montana community. I had my first experience with Immuno Laboratories by personal way - my own blood was sent for an Immuno 1 Bloodprint.  I received a prompt response to my food intolerances bound in a personal book which included my lab results interpretations along with explanations to further understand the implications of my results.  This was a very helpful way to institute the changes I needed for optimal health.  I do recommend Immuno Laboratory for patients and their health care team."                      Margaret Bortko F.N.P.C  

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Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Congestion

"After I received my results from the Immuno 1 Bloodprint I was amazed at how many foods I was sensitive to.  Some of the foods I eat every day.  I removed the "toxic" foods and was amazed at the difference.  I guess the best word to describe how I feel now is "normal".  I feel this is how life should be…No more chronic fatigue and no more "cold like" symptoms (congestion).  I have achieved a degree of well-being that I have never experienced.  Thank You Immuno Laboratories!!"  Shelly Renshaw, Chiropractic Assistant

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Fatigue, low energy

"When I received my results I was not completely surprised by most of the foods on the list.  I immediately eliminated the reactive foods from my diet and I monitored my progress.  The most noticeable difference was the improvement in my energy levels.  I have a young son (now 6 months old) who just began sleeping through the night.  I thought the disruption or lack of sleep was the cause for my fatigue.  After eliminating the foods I am able to make it through an entire day of treating my patients again with consistent energy levels all day.  I no longer feel fatigued at the end of my day.  I noticed how my energy dropped whenever I ate a reactive food. I have begun to test my patients as well and they are benefiting.  Thanks for all the help!" Dr. James R. Neuwirth, DC C.S.C.S. 

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Weight Loss

"I was recently evaluated for food allergies using your laboratory and the IgG Bloodprint.  It turned out that I was reactive to many foods I ate on a regular basis.  I made the commitment to eliminate these foods from my diet as recommended.  I have been struggling for quite some time to lose weight.  In just 30 days I have lost 6 pounds.  I feel noticeably better, both mentally and physically.  I have more energy and no longer do I feel that afternoon fatigue that many people experience after lunch.

As a nutritional consultant I would highly recommend this testing to anyone who is serious about taking control of their health and getting to the root cause of many health issues.”

Kevin Zimmerman NC 

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“Thank you for allowing me to test for food sensitivities with the Immuno 1 Bloodprint.  The test is well worth it!  I have recommended it to several family members and friends. 

My unwanted symptoms included fatigue and bloating.  When I eliminated my positive foods I felt considerably better.  Over the last 30 days my energy levels are much higher and I do not feel any more discomfort in my abdomen.

Thank you again Immuno Laboratories, the Immuno 1 Bloodprint has really helped me feel better!”

Patricia Chagolla

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Low Energy

" I have been using the ImmunoBloodprint on my patients for years and have consistently good results.  Because of this, it was time for me to experience the results for myself.  After eliminating the foods marked on my ImmunoBloodprint, I notice a benefit in my overall vitality, mostly a clearer state of mind and better energy throughout the entire day.  I also notice improved digestive function.  If there was one test I would have ALL my patients do to optimize their health, it would be the Immuno Laboratory Bloodprint.”   Dr. Robert Lemley, ND

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