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I did your food intolerance testing under recommendation of the nutritionist in my clinic. In as little as 4 weeks I lost over 20lbs and i have better energy and concentration. …

I would love to have all my patients take your food intolerance testing since they all would get a faster recovery and many could avoid surgery.

I cannot thank Immuno Labs enough for the great work they are doing in food intolerance testing.

Edward Gheiler, MD

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Taking the Immuno 1 Bloodprint test was one of the best things I have done to improve my health.  As a registered nurse with a critical care experience and a growing knowledge in homeopathic/natural healthcare, I have witnessed patients overcome a variety of problems using this test and guidelines.

Sherry Vellenga-Miller, R.N.

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Gastrointestinal symptoms, Nasal congestion, Skin issue

I began the elimination diet after receiving my results from the Immuno Bloodprint by Immuno labs. Within 3 days of starting the diet, I had improvements in energy, concentration, and sleep. Over the next 90 days, my long term gastrointestinal symptoms improved, my nasal congestion cleared, my skin was clearer and looked healthier, and I lost 7 pounds. 

The Immuno Bloodprint gives vital information to individualize a person’s food planEveryone should know what foods their body reacts to negatively. To function on an optimal level, one should eat the foods that are optimal for them.

I recommend the Immuno Bloodprint to most of my patients and it is one of the most effective treatment tools I use in my practice.

In good health,
- Melinda Anderson, ND

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