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Muscle Pain, Emotion, Loss of Energy, Joint Pain

I took the Immuno Bloodprint test and I was quite surprised at the foods I tested reactive, because they were currently part of my diet, and favorite foods. I was a bit hesitant at having to eliminate them from my diet - especially the yeast- both baker’s and brewer’s.

I did not begin to feel any improvements in terms of my symptoms until I was well within my second week of the elimination process. At that point I made significant gain in the areas of emotion, mind, energy, and joint and muscle pains. I was greatly surprised and enthused to continue as I had suffered much in these areas. The information you provided as support was encouraging. With statements like … “Take this adventure one day at a time,” I was able to stick to your frame work and have success in all three steps (elimination, adherence, and reintroduction). I especially appreciated the food plan in guiding me through possibilities for the day’s meals.

One of the greatest successes has been my increased energy level. I am now able to travel more frequently without experiencing the lag of making the transition.


- Aletia A. Alvarez

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