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Gastrointestinal and Migraines

I ordered the Immuno Bloodprint and Candida albicans Immunoassay.  It was very interesting to learn of my reactive foods and valuable to discover I was positive for Candida albicans.  The informational and education materials presented, including the symptom progress charts, dietary recommendations and rotating diet guidelines were extremely helpful.

Avoidance of the foods determined reactive for me in the Immuno Bloodpring as well as the adherence to the Candida information provided incredible beneficial to my overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  I noticed an improvement not only in a reduction in migraines and PMS symptoms but general improvement in gastrointestinal function which had been a chronic problem.

Thank you for your efforts in putting out a highly reliable test that includes such outstanding supporting educational material! 

- Mary-Claire Miller, ND, MPH

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Gastrointestinal symptoms, Nasal congestion, Skin issue

I began the elimination diet after receiving my results from the Immuno Bloodprint by Immuno labs. Within 3 days of starting the diet, I had improvements in energy, concentration, and sleep. Over the next 90 days, my long term gastrointestinal symptoms improved, my nasal congestion cleared, my skin was clearer and looked healthier, and I lost 7 pounds. 

The Immuno Bloodprint gives vital information to individualize a person’s food planEveryone should know what foods their body reacts to negatively. To function on an optimal level, one should eat the foods that are optimal for them.

I recommend the Immuno Bloodprint to most of my patients and it is one of the most effective treatment tools I use in my practice.

In good health,
- Melinda Anderson, ND

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