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I did your food intolerance testing under recommendation of the nutritionist in my clinic. In as little as 4 weeks I lost over 20lbs and i have better energy and concentration. …

I would love to have all my patients take your food intolerance testing since they all would get a faster recovery and many could avoid surgery.

I cannot thank Immuno Labs enough for the great work they are doing in food intolerance testing.

Edward Gheiler, MD

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Muscle Pain, Emotion, Loss of Energy, Joint Pain

I took the Immuno Bloodprint test and I was quite surprised at the foods I tested reactive, because they were currently part of my diet, and favorite foods. I was a bit hesitant at having to eliminate them from my diet - especially the yeast- both baker’s and brewer’s.

I did not begin to feel any improvements in terms of my symptoms until I was well within my second week of the elimination process. At that point I made significant gain in the areas of emotion, mind, energy, and joint and muscle pains. I was greatly surprised and enthused to continue as I had suffered much in these areas. The information you provided as support was encouraging. With statements like … “Take this adventure one day at a time,” I was able to stick to your frame work and have success in all three steps (elimination, adherence, and reintroduction). I especially appreciated the food plan in guiding me through possibilities for the day’s meals.

One of the greatest successes has been my increased energy level. I am now able to travel more frequently without experiencing the lag of making the transition.


- Aletia A. Alvarez

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Hypoglycemia & Chronic Headaches

As a physician I have always taken pride in my health. However, throughout my education as both a naturopathic physician and a chiropractor I suffered with chronic headaches and hypoglycemia despite my very healthy lifestyle. I attempted to find answers within my fields of expertise and finally was tested for allergies. Much to my dismay, my allergy profile (lgG/ELISA) returned only sensitivity to eggs and sesame. I was certain that there were other foods, which negatively affected my health.

Later, after being exposed to Immuno Laboratories I discovered that the lab (one which is highly respected in the field of integrative medicine) testing was incomplete, it only tested for one subclass of IgG antibodies and there were a total of four. I was tested by Immuno Laboratories and found that I was sensitive to 28 foods. After eliminating those foods I have not had any headaches, my energy and endurance improved, and I lost five pounds. I never thought I could feel so good.

It has allowed me to use personal and family experiences in convincing my patients of the importance of this type of testing. Now, I recommend both tests and know that my success has heightened dramatically in addressing not only GI complaints, but systemic problems as well.

Thank you Immuno Laboratories for doing such comprehensive work. 

- Payson Flattery, N.D., D.C.

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Gastrointestinal symptoms, Nasal congestion, Skin issue

I began the elimination diet after receiving my results from the Immuno Bloodprint by Immuno labs. Within 3 days of starting the diet, I had improvements in energy, concentration, and sleep. Over the next 90 days, my long term gastrointestinal symptoms improved, my nasal congestion cleared, my skin was clearer and looked healthier, and I lost 7 pounds. 

The Immuno Bloodprint gives vital information to individualize a person’s food planEveryone should know what foods their body reacts to negatively. To function on an optimal level, one should eat the foods that are optimal for them.

I recommend the Immuno Bloodprint to most of my patients and it is one of the most effective treatment tools I use in my practice.

In good health,
- Melinda Anderson, ND

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